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Roads & Highways

Connecting our Community

Roads and Highways are essential connecting structures within our community both in built up areas and remote locations connecting us all throughout the Northern Territory and to other locations of Australia.

With continual growth and the need for new intersections, overtaking lanes, road duplications, sealing of gravel roads, bridge construction, airport runways and taxiways and maintenance to existing roads due to inclement weather and heavy traffic conditions, the Ostojic Group can complete any job, anywhere.

We have our own dedicated fleet of equipment and skilled operators who have extensive experince in the delivery of road projects.

The Ostojic Group have completed a countless number of road construction and maintenance projects on nearly every major road throughout the Northern Territory for both the NT Government and private developers. 

 Learn more about relating projects successfully completed

For more information or to arrange an appointment to discuss further how we can help, please email and someone from our specialized team will be in touch.