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The Ostojic Group has a wealth of experience in civil construction with the successful completion of over 50 contracts since being founded over 40 years ago. The company prides itself in delivering projects on time and within budget by simply doing a good job on all contracts.

  • Subdivision Development

    Helping the territory grow

     As our population increase so does the requirement of new urban developments, here is how Ostojic Group can help.

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  • Boat Ramps & Waterways

    Construction, Maintenance and Strengthening

     Construction of new or maintenance and strengthening of existing structures of boat ramps, seawalls, ponds and dams.

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  • Roads & Highways

    Connecting our Community

    Roads, highways, intersections, overtaking lanes, road duplications, bridge constructions, airport runways, taxiways and more. 

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  • Bulk Earthworks

    Building the foundation to development

    Required for any construction works, the Ostojic Group has the expertise in delivering Bulk Earthworks services.

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