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Humpty Doo Industrial Subdivision

Darwin Region

NT Government
Project Status 
Current Project
The Project 

A development of 47 Lot industrial complex on Strangways Road, Humpty Doo NT. Ostojic Group is completing the works which consists of;

  • Clearing of a 40-hectare land, includes grubbing and levelling of ground surface, mulching
  • Mobilisation of site office, compound and preparation of laydown area
  • Earthworks in fill (256,000 m3)
  • Earthworks in Fill (38,000 m3)
  • Sewer Reticulation
  • Water Mains
  • Stormwater
  • Roadworks including pavement, asphalt, kerbing, line marking, road signs
  • Grassing
  • Electrical Supply and reticulation
  • Comms Reticulation
  • Erosion and Sediment Control